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Our scrunchies are made to be smooth and gentle on your hair as it helps to reduce ranges, fizz and creasing. it is made from durable elastic and silk satin that can protect your hair from breakage or damage.
  • Silk scrunchies in a set of 3
  • Makes everyday hair styling easy
  • Helps to prevent breakage, creasing or any hair damage
  • A smooth feel and they're soft
  • can be used as a wristband
  • Made of the finest quality silk satin and durable elastic
  • They have a comfortable and relaxed fit
  • Locally made


Have you wanted to wake up in the morning with perfect hair?  We might have the solution for you, the silk hair bonnet, it will leave your hair with no kinks and tangles.
  • No split ends, hair bonnets protect your hair from dryness. Your hair will no longer have friction and be fighting against your moisture - absorbing cotton pillowcase. With more moisture in your hair, you will be able to reduce breakage, tangles, and hair loss.
  • No more headaches, using a silk hair bonnet to protect your hair means no sleeping in tight ponies or braids. This means no daily headaches.
  • More time to sleep, When you sleep in a silk bonnet you can sleep in later, bonnets allow you to keep your hair looking fresh all night long.
  • Elasticated, for a better and firmer fit so no loose ends peak out