About MCR Boutique

About the Founder

“Silk satin does for your body what diamonds do for the hands”

After experiencing life changes & loss during the Coronavirus lockdown, Mellisa chose to take control of her circumstances and put her energy into learning new skills. Her interest in manufacturing led to Mellisa learning how to make sleepwear sets and also led to her meeting those that now make up the MCR Boutique team.

“The MCR acronym was coined by my father, who I lost in a tragic car accident back in 2007. The name incorporates my siblings and my parent’s names , who have served as my constant support and have encouraged me to press on in bringing this brand to life.

Those that work with me in the MCR business have become like family, which is why I push to make this business a success, for their families too.”

“MCR Boutique is my platform to show women out there that they have the power to overcome anything and create the lives they want to live. I started this brand after starting from scratch and learning the basics to create my pyjamas & our first collection; and wanting to share my love of silk-satin sleepwear with others. I believe that all women should feel empowered and beautiful, even when they are in their pyjamas.”

– Mellisa G.